Holy Week at Home

How to celebrate Holy Week at home:

Without the liturgies that we usually participate in, how can we keep sacred this blessed Holy Week? Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday that is specially devoted to the Passion of Jesus Christ.
     Palm Sunday marks the day of Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11).
     Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist (John 13:1-15).
     Good Friday is a day of intense prayer and fasting in which we remember Jesus's carrying of the cross and ultimate crucifixion and death (John 18:1-19:42).
     Holy Saturday should be kept as a day of silence and preparation as we wait to roll back the stone to the tomb. During the evening we ordinarily celebrate the Church's highest solemnity, the Easter Vigil, the beginning of our easter festivities. 
     Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate Christ's Resurrection from the dead! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

So how can we seek to follow Holy Week without the Church's liturgies? Here are some helpful guides!

Let us know if you have your own awesome ideas!