Until the Job is Done | April 21

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When our kids were young, we didn’t have a snow blower. Our driveway isn’t too big so everyone got a shovel and we usually made quick work of it. Once in a while, when we got a lot of snow or big drifts, it wasn’t so easy. The younger kids were shoveling snow that was up to their chest and the older kids wanted to get done quickly so they could go do something else. It was tempting for the older kids to divide the shoveling up into equal parts. That allowed them to get their part done quickly and not feel guilty about leaving the rest behind.

That didn’t work out too well for those left behind but we eventually found a solution that worked better: no one is done shoveling until the whole job is done. The objective was clear, and everyone worked toward a common goal until the job was done.

Our first reading from the Acts of the Apostles reminded me of that snow shoveling experience. The early Church had a clear goal in mind of spreading the Good News of the Resurrection and “the community of believers” all worked together to get the job done. They were unselfish with their support by donating their money to a common cause so “there was no needy person among them.”

Our Church has the same mission today in spreading the Gospel but having “everything in common” and sharing resources seems to be more of a challenge. Unfortunately, during this time of the corona virus, this is even more essential. Supporting our church and charities is more important than ever but now is also the time to be generous with ourselves. Although social gatherings are not allowed in Northeast Iowa for the next 2 weeks, now may be the time to reach out with a phone call, electronic message, gift card or letter. Sharing a message of hope during this difficult time is so important for those who are struggling.

Let us pray for the intercession of the Apostles to inspire us to follow their example of Christian unity and share what we have with someone in need.


-Deacon Steve Whiteman