Quiet Patience Yields Fresh Bread | October 27

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When I was in grade school I went to my Grandmother’s house after school until my parents got home from work. I have some fond memories of playing cards and my Grandma Kruse baking bread. I remember when the dough was rising she told me I shouldn’t make any loud noises or bang around because the dough might fall. It might have been part of a life lesson she was trying to teach me, but my quiet patience was always rewarded with fresh baked bread.

Our Gospel today reminded me of Grandma’s fresh baked bread. St. Luke gives us 2 familiar parables that describe the Kingdom of God: the tiny mustard seed that grows into a large bush and a small amount of yeast leavening a whole batch of dough. Both of these parables illustrate how the small beginnings of Jesus’ ministry of preaching and healing would exponentially grow the Kingdom of God.

The ministry of Jesus’ preaching and healing is still going on today in the Church and we are in a unique position to witness and participate. Similar to gardening and baking, the Kingdom of God grows as part of God’s divine plan but we are in a position to influence that growth in a positive and negative way.

It’s clear that watering the mustard seed and pulling weeds will help it grow but if we open the oven door every 5 minutes to check on the bread, it will never get done.

Since Jesus may have given us this metaphor to help us more fully appreciate the time and patience required to grow in faith let us reflect on our faith life this morning and ask the Holy Spirit to help us grow deep roots.


-Deacon Steve Whiteman