Jesus is Imminent | October 23

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I've actually been thinking about this Gospel a lot lately, or rather simply about reading the signs of the times. Honestly, I look at the world and I want to shout, "The end is neigh! Repent and believe in the Gospel!" But then I also think about Matthew 25:13 which says, "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour." Jesus says we cannot be confident in when His second coming will happen and so I'm very skeptical of people who claim this knowledge.

That being said, it is crucial to remember that we are always called to live like its the end of times, becuase it might be! It might be the end of times for me, or for you, or for the entire world! We know neither the day nor the hour. So regardless of whether the Second Coming of Christ is tomorrow, or 13 years from now, or 1000 years from now, are you living like it? Are you living your life like Jesus could come at any moment? Or are you living like Constantine, who waited to be baptized until his deathbed?

I need to be better. I don't evangelize like Jesus is imminent. I don't pray like Jesus is imminent. I don't fast like Jesus is imminent. I need to do better. Do you?


-Amanda Benner, Director of Evangelization