Jesus has Eyes | April 29

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Have you ever thought about Jesus's eyes? (What? That's random, Amanda...) But seriously. Jesus is a real person, and people have eyes. What do His look like?

This may seem like a very strange to think about, but those are the eyes that look at you and see who you really are. Those are the eyes that look into yours with a sincerity and love beyond anything that we can experience. We've probably all had experiences where someone has given us a very intent, penetrating look. I often look away. Usually people look at us that way when we're being vulnerable and they want to express their love and concern. It's can be a hard look to meet. 

The disciples we hear about in the first reading have met the gaze of Jesus. We hear of great joy and many signs in the same two paragraphs where we hear of murder, persecutions, and scattering. How else can you explain it? These men and women knew the Lord. They had met His gaze in prayer. They looked into the eyes that loved them and they were changed by it. They led "all the earth to cry out to God with joy" as the psalm proclaims. 

Jesus said "I will not reject anyone who comes to me." He has extended an invitation to you, and you're free to accept it. Remember that He is a person. He has eyes. So I challenge you to go to Him in prayer, not as an impersonal force, but as a man. He has a unique relationship with you. Heck, I've even imagined Him in prayer as my belay partner for rock climbing. He could be your brother, your best friend, the guy you always see in the coffeeshop whose story you're curious about. He could be your companion on the journey, a friend you once knew but have drifted away from, but He is real. Visualizing His eyes can help you be assured of that. 


-Amanda Nobis, Director of Evangelization


P.S. I know this was an abstract post haha, but eyes have been something I've been praying about lately :)