Find What You Seek | April 24

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When I write these blog posts I use a method of prayer called Lectio Divina to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me. It's a simple and ancient form of prayer in 4 steps. This is how I usually do it:

First, invite the Holy Spirit to guide your time of prayer. Ask Him to be present to you and to help you hear God's voice.

1. Lectio - Reading - First read the passage slowly to yourself. The goal here is to see the whole picture. What's going on in this passage? After reading it slowly the first time, read it again and pay attention to any word or phrase that sticks out to you. Make a mental note of that word or phrase. If nothing jumps out, choose something that you find interesting.

2. Meditatio - Meditation - Prayer is meant to be a conversation. Lectio is where you allow God to initiate the conversation. One of the beautiful things about praying with scripture is that we know that the words of the bible are truly God's words. He is speaking them directly to your heart. Meditatio is where you respond. Ask God what He's trying to say to you. Why does this stick out? What does it mean? Does it bring up any memories? Emotions? After each question take a moment to allow God to respond to you. This is the part where it is crucial that you let God speak.

3. Oratio - Respond - How do you feel about what God is bringing up? Tell Him! Prayer is a two-sided conversation. Go back and forth with God in listening and responding. Make sure to give him plenty of space (silence) to respond to you as well.

4. Contemplatio - Contemplation - This step can be kind of confusing because of the name. We don't mean "contemplation" like "sit back and think about your life." What contemplation in prayer looks like is simply being aware of the presence of God. Hopefully you just had an intimate conversation with Him, and now He invites you to relax in His gaze. Be aware of His immense love for you and be present to His presence. He is truly there with you. Conclude contemplatio by asking God, "Is there anything else?" and give Him the space to have the last word.

Conclude your time of prayer by thanking and praising God. He is good!

I challenge you today to use this method of prayer to read through the scripture readings. Set aside 15 minutes to focus on encountering Jesus in the Gospel. It can often help to write down your prayer as you go. What are your questions? What are God's responses? How did you feel as you prayed? Pay attention to these things!

I'm tempted to include the fruit of my prayer today, but I think I should just let God speak His word to you without any unnecessary attempts by me. There is one thing we seek: to dwell in the house of the Lord. This is how we find what we seek.

Pray well, my friends. 


-Amanda Nobis, Director of Evangelization