Fertilizing the Soil with the Gospel | July 28

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In our Gospel today, we revisit the parable of the wheat and the weeds growing together in the field. It reminded me of a mishap I had fertilizing my lawn this spring. As I was walking in loops spreading the fertilizer, I thought we had a good chance to make the lawn look better. I was surprised and a little embarrassed the next week when the fertilizer took effect. Apparently, I had not spread the fertilizer evenly and you could clearly see the patches I missed. The grass was green and healthy in most of the yard, but there were distinctive strips of shorter grass and weeds where the fertilizer had not reached. The parable was on display in my front yard. After another getting another bag of fertilizer and spreading it strategically on the strips of weeds, the lawn looks better and next time I’ll know better.

As it turns out St. Isidore offered a commentary to our parable that puts it all in perspective. He suggested the sinners, or weeds should not immediately be pulled up to give them time to repent. He offered examples of St. Matthew who was previously a tax collector, St. Peter who denied Jesus and St. Paul who persecuted Christians as the Pharisee named Saul. These Saints, and many more examples in our Church history, had a profound conversion that made them powerful examples of God’s loving mercy.

As we reflect on the Gospel this morning, can we think of anyone in our own lives that may need another chance at conversion? Are there patches of weeds like my front yard that would benefit from another application of the Good News?

Let us pray for the intercession of St. Isidore to help us find the right ways to reach out to the people in our lives that need another chance at conversion.


-Deacon Steve Whiteman