Profound Thanks and Appreciation

Dear Father Bullock, staff and members of the Church of the Nativity,

Words cannot express my deep appreciation for the wonderful work you accomplished in hosting the Installation Mass for our new chief pastor, Archbishop Michael Jackels.  From the first moment the possibility was suggested to the last piece of debris that was picked up, you were absolutely wonderful.  You showed hospitality as great as Abraham and Sarah did to the three angels, as complete as that shown Jesus by Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  You were patient and understanding in the face of multiple requests and questions.  I never saw anyone lose their cool, even when people like the old archbishop thought we needed portapotties!  Media, security, parking, lighting, sidewalks, chairs, choirs, guests, priests, dignitaries, masters of ceremonies -- and many more people and issues were handled with respect and first class professionalism.

I wish I could say "thank you" to each of you personally, to shake your hand and express how proud we are of you.  Not being able to do that, I assure you of a special place in the prayers of gratitude I have been lifting up to heaven these days.

A very special word of gratitude and recognition to your calm, fearless, resolute, well-organized pastor, Father Scott Bullock.  What a great Christian and what a great priest!  What did you do to get some archbishop to assign him as your pastor?  You must be among the most favored of all the parishes!

Again, I say in imitation of our new chief shepherd: "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Archbishop Jerome Hanus, O.S.B.