Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) 

RCIA - 2022/2021
Thank you for your interest in RCIA! RCIA might be for you if...

  • Desire baptism, communion, or confirmation
  • Are interested in becoming Catholic
  • Want to learn about Catholicism and the spiritual life

RCIA 2020/2021 begins in person in September. Those interested in RCIA are welcome to join us for the Encounter series. These are 4 Wednesdays in September (Sept. 9, 16, 23, and 30) from 6:30-7:45. Enjoy an evening of Scripture, speakers, Eucharistic adoration, and music. 

Beginning in October, RCIA will meet in the O'Brien room (social space in the basement of Nativity) on Sundays from 8am to mass at 9:30am and will meet through the Easter season. Please contact Amanda Benner for more details or to sign up, dbq057s1@dbqarch.org.


What is the RCIA?

The process for joining the Church is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). This process provides time either to begin one's faith journey or to reflect on one's continuing faith life. During the RCIA process, one seeks to develop a deeper relationship with God through Christ Jesus, within the Catholic faith tradition. The RCIA process does not ask those who have been baptized in another faith tradition to give up their previous faith experience.

Who is the RCIA for?

The RCIA process is for:

  • those who have never been baptized
  • those who have been baptized but have had little or no faith formation
  • those who have been baptized and have had faith formation in another religious tradition
  • those who have been baptized in the Catholic Church but have not celebrated Eucharist and Confirmation.

To learn more about RCIA, check out this page from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Are you interested in joining the Catholic Church?

Anyone who is interested in joining the Catholic Church can inquire at any time throughout the year. Special inquiry sessions are held in September/October. A formal RCIA group will begin in October and continue until through the Easter season. Rites of initiation into the Catholic Church are celebrated at the Easter Vigil.

If you've been considering joining the Catholic Church, continue to pray for God's guidance and support, and consider RCIA as a way to discern God's call in your life. A community of learners and seekers is a great way to complement your prayer life in discerning God's path for you. Not everyone who enters into the RCIA process ultimately decides to join the Catholic Church, but everyone who participates in the process agrees that it is immensely helpful in discerning God's will for them and in learning more about the Catholic faith. 

Are you interested in simply learning more about Catholicism?

Are you a Catholic that just wants to know more about our faith. Here at Nativity, our RCIA group is open to all. We'd love to have you join us to deepen and enrich your own faith!


If you're interested in joining RCIA or simply learning more, contact Amanda Benner at dbq057s1@dbqarch.org.