Faith Formation Commission

Nativity Parish Faith Formation Commission

Contact: Terry Shaffer (580-8665)

As one of the six major committees of the Parish Council, the purpose of the Nativity Faith Formation Commission is to provide vision for the total faith formation for the parish. The eight areas of catechesis include: adult catechesis, catechetical programs for children, family catechesis, young adult catechesis, youth catechesis, special needs catechesis, RCIA and Generations of Faith. The Nativity Faith Formation Commission is a policy making body for total parish faith formation including religious education, sacramental programs, adult formation and youth. Responsibilities include developing a parish catechetical plan, budgeting, staffing, and evaluation program.

The Nativity Faith Formation Commission serves in an advisory capacity to Holy Family Catholic Schools through the pastor and the lay representative. The Faith Formation Commission meets monthly on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the parish conference room.


2014-2015 Faith Formation Commission Members


Susan Dazey (Director of Religious Education)


Mary Murphy


Cindy Nielsen


Terry Shaffer


Tammy Smith